Thank you for submitting the signs your loved ones on the other side use to let you know they are still so close! Please complete this form to have your sign included in our next book.

Please note: Your description might be shortened to make sure we can include everyone’s sign. Also, including your loved one’s information is optional.

If you have more than one loved one who brings you signs, please complete the form for the one you wish to include first. Again, if we need to save space, we may not be able to include more than one from each person.

Including your name and email is required so we can notify you when the book is published, which will be in 2025. We will not add you to our email list unless you select “Yes” below.

Please note: This is a voluntary submission. The purpose of this is to honor our loved ones and how hard they work to let us know they are okay! Please only include information you would like included in the book.

Thank you again for submitting your loved one’s signs!

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