Our services

Each book and each author is individual. What works for some, might not work for others. So the plans we offer to publish your book are fully customizable to what you need. Below is some information about the options available:

During this session, we connect with your guides to get some advice on what they see for you for this book. You’d be surprised at the information we receive! They are always very helpful and want us to succeed, so you can bet they will have incredible words of wisdom. These sessions can be done in person in Loveland, CO, via Zoom or by phone, and usually last 30 minutes.

We use KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for our books for several reasons. First, they have a very easy setup process, and have been publishing books for many years. They are a division of Amazon, which means your book will be available immediately on Amazon. They will also set up distribution to expanded channels, including Barnes and Noble. You can get as many author copies of your book as you want for a substantially less cost than other publishers. Their royalty program is also very generous, and they can offer your book in other countries. They use print on demand (POD).

Here are some specific advantages of using POD:

  • Earth-friendly
  • Easy and cost-effective to produce books as they are ordered, either one at a time or in large numbers
  • Unlike a traditional printer, which can only print a large number of books at one time, POD is an “as needed” printer
  • No wasted books
  • No need to store a large inventory of books

The ISBN is the number on the barcode you see on the back of books. It is necessary if you wish to sell your book in brick and mortar stores and other distributors. The cost of the ISBN is included in all packages, and it is unique to your book.

KDP offers what they call Expanded Distribution for your book.

Booksellers and libraries purchase paperbacks from large distributors. If you enroll your paperback in Expanded Distribution, KDP will make your book available to distributors so booksellers and libraries can find your book and order it.

They currently work with US distributors, but booksellers and libraries outside of the US may purchase books from these US distributors. It’s free to enroll your paperback in Expanded Distribution, and it allows your book to be made broadly available outside of Amazon.

Having an internet presence is a must! You want people to be able to find your book and get information about it, including how to order it. This one page site will have all of the information they need to understand what your book is about and how they must have a copy for themselves and their friends! One year of website maintenance is also included!

We’ll help you write your press release announcing your book, and help you get it to the publications for your genre. Letting people know about your book is a huge part of your journey!

We will format your book for publication using some elegant templates from which you can choose. For some, formatting is the hardest part of publishing! Not for us! We will give your book a professional look and include all the necessary legalities.

The formatting for your E-book version is different than for your printed version. We will format your E-book to be visually stunning for any E-reader!

Your editor might just be your best friend when it comes to getting your words out for the world to see. A poorly edited book will not win awards or be chosen for book clubs. Having a professional editor comb through your book is critical.

You’ve published your book! Now what? We will go over the most important aspects of marketing your book, long before your book is available to the public. We will discuss book launches and incentive programs to get people excited to buy and read your book.

Writing your book was just the first step. Now let’s get it out there so people know it’s available!